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My Word Book

Today I have been playing around with my site and deciding what features I would like to add and how to go about it.  I have added a Word Book page to my menu that is simply a list of words I have encountered during my reading time of which I did not know the definition .  Reading is my number one hobby.  Considering the time I spend reading, I have made it a goal to enhance my reading experience by being more selective when choosing my next book, highlighting and looking up definitions to unfamiliar words and writing honest reviews once I have finished reading a book.  Knowing I will be reviewing the book prompts me to pay attention to details and nuances.  I give myself several days to mull over the book before writing the review.  Always an added bonus is knowing I learned something.  By noting my newly discovered vocabulary words I can quickly browse back through them and keep them fresh in my mind.  What use is learning wonderful new words if they quickly slip to the back of my memory? At nearly 50, this is a frustrating fact of life!  I’m excited to see how long my list will be by the time the big Five-Oh arrives.

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