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How Audio-Books Carried Me Through Our Rebuild

It’s been nine months since our home flooded and I am just now finding time to post an update.  We are now about 85% complete in our rebuild and it has been a journey!  I have learned skills like drywall repair and tile removal that I hope to never use again.  Before the flood I was an avid reader and never very fond of audio-books.  I preferred a real book in my hands or the convenience of my Kindle.

Audio-books seemed like a cheat to me.  How could I savor the written word while listening?  But with long days of repair work in my future I was unable to find the time to read.  I was becoming more depressed by not just the loss of the use of our home and the loss of many possessions but more by the severe changes to my lifestyle.  By the end of a day working in the house, I was too tired to read even a page.  I missed book club meetings and the enjoyment of discussing the latest read among friends.  So I decided to try listening to audio-books while I worked.  It was a sanity saving decision.  I was able to pour through so many books during my work hours.   I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I managed to tape, float and texture the drywall in my bedrooms and closets while finishing Stephen King’s The Stand, which had been on my TBR list for far too long.  I found the perfect way to multi-task and knock out several long titles I had been putting off reading due to the length.  After The Stand, I listened to East of Eden, Anna Karenina, The Secret History and Gone With the Wind.  Total I have completed 13 audio-books since September.

There were a few drawbacks to audio-books like not being able to bookmark passages for rereading.  Going back and re-listening was just not the same.  And I found I could not enjoy nonfiction in the audio format.  I tried listening to Leonardo DaVinci but couldn’t seem to follow along.  So it is still on my TBR list.

I am happy to say I am now finding time to read real books with written words.  I still keep an audio-book loaded and ready to go when I am working but life is getting back to normal.  Book club meetings have resumed!  Two weeks ago I purchased the first of several bookcases I will need to replace the built-ins that we had to tear out.

I am not ashamed to share that I cried tears of joy and sadness as I unpacked boxes of the books that survived the three foot of water.  It was like seeing old friends.  I lost so many children’s books  kept on the lower shelves within my grandson’s reach.  I’ve already started replacing them and look forward to adding many more to his little library at Nana’s house.