Word Book

Words I have learned from reading:

inveigle: to persuade in a clever or deceptive way

From A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

escutcheon: an area on which armorial bearings are displayed,usually contains a sheild

samovar: an Russian urn used to boil water for tea

axiomatic: taken for granted: Self-Evident

bezique: a card game played with 64 cards

denouement: the final part of something (such as a play, book or event)

From Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

bardo: Tibetan term for the state between death and rebirth

efficacious: successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective

stygian: of or relating to the Styx River

comportment: behavior; bearing

avaricious: an extreme greed for wealth or material gain

profligacy: wastefulness in the use of resources

anathema: a strong curse

opprobrium: harsh criticism or censure

exeunt: used as a stage direction to specify that named characters leave the stage

purile: childishly silly or trivial

hagiography: the writing of the lives of saints

From Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski

fell: (n) a British high barren field or moor

Biro: a type of writing pen

scree: an area of loose stones on the side of a mountain

lurcher: a crossbred dog used for hunting; typically crossed with a greyhound

gorse: a European spiny yellow-flowered shrub in the pea family

prole: a member of the working class